Anxiety, low self esteem and confidence issues

It was actually my family who sort me to seek help with Katie following a recommendation from a previous client of hers, and having become concerned with my mental health after I had returned from my second year of university. They noticed I was becoming increasingly anxious and irritable adjusting back to life at home for the summer, although I failed to see this from their point of view at the time and thought I was just fine.
I have always had difficulty opening up to people, and my mother and sister actually booked my first appointment with Katie. However, over the summer, although I would have never thought it at the beginning, Katie helped me to open up and discuss honestly with her emotions I didn’t really understand and hadn’t really addressed before. Quickly establishing our sessions as a safe place to deal with issues of grief, self-doubt and anxiety for the first time about how others perceived me, Katie gave me lots of tools and methods to deal with and rationalize emotions and thought processes I often had not even realized needed to be addressed at the start of our sessions.
Through keeping diaries, helping me to learn to talk to others outside of her therapy room who I knew I could trust by practicing speaking to her, and giving me exercises to challenge my ways of thinking that are negative (whereas before I hadn’t known how to rationalize them), Katie in just a couple of months has helped me to put events in my life into new perspectives which are not overarching or suffocating, and I can visibly see how I have become less closed off from others who I knew loved me all along, but I just hadn’t known how to broach a conversation with or talk to about my feelings.
I would recommend Katie to anyone who feels like they don’t really understand their responses to stages of grief or events in their lives, although they seem to think themselves fine as they are still 'moving forward', as I have come to understand myself more following my sessions with her, and I know Katie is someone I can return to if I am ever once more confused or feel there is someone I need to talk to.

Female, 20's Anxiety, low self esteem, struggling with bereavement issues. September 2016

Dealing with grief

Katie has been absolutely amazing. I have spoken to 2 counsellors in the past, & I’ve never come away from it feeling like I have now. Katie has helped me to process everything I needed to, and has given me the tools I need to go forward and carry on working on all that I need to. I came away from our last session elatedly shouting ‘I’m fixed. Her professional yet friendly approach was exactly what I needed, and I will definitely recommend her to anyone I know who is struggling, and will go back to her if I need further help in future.

Female, 20’s, Grief and Bereavement , March 2018

Anxiety Support

I can't thank Katie enough for her support over the past few weeks. Before seeing her my anxiety felt out of control and overwhelming, but now I feel I have the skills to address my thinking errors and fears.

Female, 20's. High Anxiety. September 2016

Insecurity / trust issues in a relationship

I came to see Katy when I was at rock bottom, after a life of bad relationships and guys who cheated on me and abused me physically and mentally I was left in a state where I couldn’t trust anyone including my lovely current partner. I would imagine he was cheating and this caused me lots of distress and insomnia. I opened up about my past which let out a lot of emotions to heal and it wasn’t always easy but now 6 months on after doing various CBT techniques I feel a lot lighter; I can still have a bad day but that’s life but my thoughts of resentment and jealousy have lightened and each time I see Katy I feel a lot better as Katy uses humour to lighten my “paranoied experiences” she has taught me that not all thoughts are solid fact and given me the tools I need to inspire a positive change within myself.

Male, 30’s, Anxiety, low mood, low self esteem. January 2018

Anxiety transitioning up to high school

My son was having a very difficult time moving to High School. He was finding it very difficult to talk to other children and make friends and he was also incredibly anxious. He would panic for no reason that he would get into trouble.

He hates being the centre of attention and was very worried about getting help. However, Katie immediately made him feel comfortable. She helped him enormously by giving him techniques to deal with his anxiety but also talking him through the basics of making friends. She helped him work out what was actually worth worrying about and what wasn't.

By Easter he was so much happier at school. He's been making friends and feeling more and more confident. There have been no panic attacks about returning to school in September!

Parent of child, aged 12, struggling with anxiety re transitioning to high school. September 2015

Help with Anxiety and Self Confidence

Katie was absoutely amazing and we are so grateful to her for helping our teenage Daughter. She helped her to work through her anxiety issues and taught her how to manage and cope with her feelings of anxiety,low mood and low self confidence. Katie was so supportive,patient, approachable,reassuring,caring and encouraging to our Daughter. Thank you so much for all our your help and support Katie. We are all so very grateful to you.

Mother of female, 15, Anxiety, low self confidence. January 2018

Difficulty with confidence and anxiety

Before seeing Katie I felt a bit "stuck" in life. At that time I wasn’t confident in myself, I was often anxious about what other people thought of me, and generally speaking I worried quite a lot about bad things happening to me in the future. I was a perfectionist, was very hard on myself, and usually did not give myself credit for the good things I achieved.

My life had been like this for years. In fact this way of thinking was completely “normal” for me because it had gone on for so long. It took me a long time to realise that my old ways of thinking were not doing me any good at all.

The sessions with Katie became a turning point in my life. It was great to discuss my problems with her openly and honestly and without judgement. I could explain things in my own time and at my own pace, and get her input on them. Katie found a combination of techniques that helped me to deal with and eventually change my old ways of thinking and acting. I still use these tools today when I feel that I need to.

Above all I always felt Katie had a real sense of empathy when she listened to me. It was not like talking to someone who just listens passively to you without displaying any emotion.

The other helpful thing from the sessions is that, once I felt ready, Katie and I would agree small “homework” tasks for me to complete each week. This would often be small changes I would make to my behaviour or thinking in order to bring about a positive change in my life.

Knowing that Katie would be asking about the “homework” in the next session, I was more inclined to do it. It is this activity that really began to change things for the better.

I’d recommend Katie to anyone stuck in the same (or similar) situation I was stuck in. It is definitely worth the investment of your time and money.

Male, 30's, Low Self Esteem and Anxiety. June 2014

Managing my anxiety after a car crash

A very big thank you to Katie for all her hard work in helping with my recovery after my car accident. The accident impacted on myself a lot. I was avoiding driving because I was scared I might have another crash and I was having major problems being a passenger. I was so anxious and I just didn't know how to deal with it so it just never went away. Until I started seeing Katie. She taught me how to deal with my issues and control them correctly. She gave me lots of tools and methods on what to do if I feel anxious in the car . I was unsure on going to see Katie as I didn't see how it would help but it's the best thing I could have done. She is so friendly and you feel very comfortable talking to her about anything. I would highly recommend anyone who has any issues arranging to see her you will be very thankful for it

Female, age 21, anxiety after a car accident. June 2015

Parenting support for my three children

Having adopted three children, I was struggling to manage constructively family and work stresses. Katie helped me understand how to better manage these stresses as well as how to better influence my childrens' behaviour. Her support has helped me become a better parent and helped improve the quality of my family and my life.

Male 40's, Stress management and parenting support. July 2015

Son with Anxiety

My little boy who is 11 has recently had sessions with Katie.... he suffers with anxiety and struggled with things that may happen in day to day life which was stopping him from doing things. Katie was amazing with him and he just clicked with her ..... he is in a good place at the moment .... couldn’t have got where he is if it wasn’t for Katie’s help..... she also helped me on how to deal with it..... having a child with anxiety isn’t easy.... Katie has helped us cope as a family .

Parent of child, 10, struggling with Anxiety, April 2018


“I cannot praise Katie enough for how much she has helped me through the most difficult period in my life.  I was in such a bad place. So glad that I sought her assistance and I’m now well on the road to recovery and geting my life back. She is amazing at her job and gave me hope when I thought all hope was lost.”

Client PR, age 36, re-current depressive symptoms

“Going to see Katie really helped me because she really understood me.”  She wasn’t too serious, so the sessions were fun and I learned to control my anger in a much better way than I did before. Thank you Katie!”

Client SW, age 9, anxiety, anger and low self confidence

“I have tried many different therapies in the past and bought endless amounts of books to help deal with anxiety and panic attacks with no permanent solution. My sessions with Katie were the turning point in helping me overcome my problem. Having a safe confidential space to discuss and explore the roots to alot of issues led the way to a successful understanding of where my problems had started and how I could move on from them. I am now due to start a new job after havng an amazing holiday, the thought of which almost paralyzed me with fear before visiting Katie and beginning my therapy. I am now confident in living my everyday life knowing I have the skills and tools to deal with and eliminate panic and anxiety if needed. Thank you Katie!”

Client CG, age 22 , health anxiety

“Having been through a really tough time at work, I’d lost a lot of my self confidence and motivation to the point where I’d given up my job and career.  I had little expectation when I went to see Katie and had no real objective other then an impartial listener. She is incredibly professional, and therapy sessions with Katie are actually enjoyable, despite my fear that it might be a painful experience. Katie really helped me get perspective on my situation, and gave me reassurance and the tools to help rebuild my self esteem and motivation. Such was the progress of my sessions I am now happy and successful in a job that has me firmly back on the career ladder.
I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Katie, the one thing I always remember is that no matter how bad my day had been on walking into the room at the beginning of the session, I always felt calm, confident, and in control when it was time to leave.”

Client EB, age 30, work related stress

“I hadn’t felt “quite myself” for a number of months and thought I would benefit from some counselling support.  My confidence and self esteem was low and I didn’t know how to bring myself back up again. My time with Katie was concentrated on how I could learn the skills to boost my confidence and focus on being more positive. Katie helped me work through my thoughts and feelings and I now feel in control. I think a big positive of the therapy was Katie’s attentive approach, being friendly, knowlegable and objective. My increased confidence and awareness has not only had a positive impact on myself but my family too. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Katie for everything she has done for me.”

Client CS, age 32, low self esteem and confidence

“I went to see Katie when I was having some problems at school.  Talking to her made things much better and now I don’t get so anxious about telling people about how they make me feel. If I had a friend with problems, I would definitely recommend that they talk to her too!”

Client RW, age 11, anxiety

“Katie has worked with my children for over two years, and I really couldn’t have got through that time without her.  She has helped me learn so much, both as a parent and as an individual, and I would highly recommend her support to anyone who is suffering or struggling with any kind of emotional problem.”

Client KOC, age 35, parent – family work

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