Areas We Work With



Parenting Work

Anxiety Bullying Building on Parent-Child Relationships
Panic Attacks Anxiety Implementing Boundaries
Low mood & Depression Panic Attacks Setting Limits
Assertiveness Skills School Based Issues Ignoring Behaviours
Reducing Limiting thoughts, feelings & behaviours Anger Management Rewarding Behaviours
Anger Management Increasing Self Esteem Time-Out Techniques
Compulsions Increasing Self -Confidence Teaching your Child to Problem Solve
Increasing Self Confidence Building Friendship Skills Helping to Manage your Child’s Fears and Worries
Increasing Self Esteem Low mood Managing Teenage Behaviours
Facing your Fears Loss & Bereavement Helping your Child to Manage Divorce/Separation
Obsessions Exploring Thoughts and Feelings Regarding Parental Separation Teaching self regulation skills
Phobias Phobias  Managing sibling rivalry
Loss & Bereavement Assertiveness Skills
Managing Work Related Stress
Managing Generalised Sress;
Improving Relationships with others, including Family Relationships, Friendships, Work Relationships
Improving Communication Skills
Increasing Internal Resources
Increasing your Motivation
Building Self-Belief
Building Self-Awareness
Self-Care Skills